yummy rice

It is amazing how much of our life experiences & memories are based on food? One distinct memory that pervaded school & college life for me and my siblings was of toting a lunch box along. I remember having a different item in my lunch ´dabba´ each day of the week. However, it did not stop me from envying my bench-mate who had hot lunch delivered to her. So one fine day my mother arranged for that service and boy, was I thrilled!

My mom gave each of us a hand-written book of her recipes. I received her wonderful gift at the time of my wedding. She titled mine �Mum's Yummy Cookbook�. And graciously provided me with an apt title for my site!

Having attained ´Mom´ status myself, I realize the effort my mother put, into conceiving and preparing our meals. For my part, I know I have neither the time nor the patience to jot down my recipes for my kids. I have instead chosen to combine my experience in the software industry with my love for cooking and give them the gift of this website.

I credit my mother's passion for cooking as my foundation for a keen interest in the culinary arts. This website is a testament to her delicious creations!